In Spring of 2021, the Digital Innovation in Marketing cohort at Temple's Fox School of Business was given a prompt to create an innovative, AI technology that would help generate revenue for a digital brand. My team, including myself, Jennifer Berman, Janice Goehler, Erin Mihalik, Amanda Nunan, Chand Patel and Daniel White, developed the idea of Spot A Vibe for Spotify, the ability to take a photo of wherever you are and listen to a perfectly curated playlist based on where you are, who you're with, and what *vibe* you're going for. 

Have you ever been on the beach with friends, at a party, riding a bike through a beautiful landscape, studying for an exam, sipping coffee at your favorite coffee house and experience the moment of anxiety when the music stops playing? When whoever is holding the aux cord stops to take a call or can't think of what to play next? That's where Spot A Vibe steps in. Using artificial intelligence, and a little bit of personal preference for a more curated playlist, Spotify is able to provide the perfect playlist for every scenario based on geo-location, demographic, tags, and image recognition. We developed a strategic marketing plan, sample advertisements, as well as an intensive user experience design of how the app would be navigated.

This project was for educational purposes only.


Project Highlights

A collaborative effort from Jennifer Berman, Janice Goehler, Erin Mihalik, Amanda Nunan, Chand Patel, and Daniel White

Data visualization design, user interface and experience design, and presentation design

Created and designed the presentation to resemble the Spotify dashboard, as well as designed the user interface of the "Spot A Vibe" in-app experience in Figma

Created a "Spotify Wrapped" infographic to highlight key points of presentation

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