In March of 2018, the Penn Medicine Creative Team was asked to design a coffeetable-style book to celebrate over 50 years of Penn's transplant program. The goal of this book was to highlight the specialty transplant programs Penn offers, as well as research initiatives, patient stories, and donors. After discussing several rounds of ideas, the design team pitched the concept of the monarch butterfly. The life cycle of the monarch butterfly becomes a metaphor throughout the book, connecting each stage of the lifecycle to the "life changing" programs, "life discovered" through research, "life restored" through patient stories, and "life supported" by donors. 

Project Highlights

Creative freedom to carry out a highly conceptual design

Cross-department collaborations with Creative Services, photography, various service lines, and development

Art directing photo shoots for featured patient stories

Specialty printing including gold foil, cloth-spine binding and a soft-touch finish cover (not pictured)

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