In the fall of 2016, I had the opportunity to intern with Anthropologie's Art Department as a graphic design intern. During my internship, I worked on producing in-store signage, developing ideas for gift packaging, and creating public relations materials to promote events such as save the dates and invitations. One of the responsibilities for this internship included coming up with my own fictional event to promote one of Anthropologie's featured artists and their work. I chose to promote textile artist Rebecca Atwood, who found inspiration her  Cape Cod upbringing and translated this into a variety of patterns and designs to create high-quality home decor. 

For this project, I designed an email save the date, a miniature cotton pillow invitation, a hand-stitched artist book including background about the artist, her process and available swatches to purchase from Anthropolgoie, as well as a menu and escort card for the event. 

This project was for educational purposes only.

Invitation Package

Artist Book

Project Highlights

This project was completed during my internship with Anthropologie

Art Direction by Jenna McBride

Ability to work in a variety of mediums including digital, packaging, print, printing on cotton, and sewing.

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